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How to decide a Research Topic?

Selection of Research topic is a very difficult task. Writing a brilliant Research paper depends on the selection of topic. Here are a few main points which should be considered while choosing your Research topic:

  • Make sure the topic you select is of your interest & convenience. Don’t select a topic only because your friend is suggesting to you.
  • Do not make the topic too broad; it will help you to focus on the relevant area of study.
  • Research deeply about your topic. Check whether the sufficient information about your topic is available or not.
  • Seek advice from your professors before deciding on the topic. Accept problematic questions, as they offer a general outlook on your work.
  • Consider your topic’s scope. How broad or narrow is it?
    • If your topic is too broad it may be difficult to find focused and relevant information. The topic also should be focused enough on your subject.
    • It is difficult to find information on a very narrow topic. If your topic is highly focused, be more flexible in your search strategy. For example, if you’re interested in organic food labeling in a specific city, widen your information search to organic food labeling within India.
  • Start doing in-depth research. As you look for relevant sources, such as scholarly articles and books, refine your topic based on what you find. While examining sources, consider how others discuss the topic. How might the sources inform or challenge your approach to your research question?

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