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How to write an error free ‘Thesis or Assignment’

Anybody can have multiple thoughts about a particular topic. But, putting those thoughts into word is not everybody’s cup of tea. Let’s face it, even the sound of “writing an entire draft on your own” scares us. But, with the help of these tips you can easily write your thesis any document.

1.Organize your thoughts: Before you start writing, jot down your thoughts onto a paper. It would help you to create better sentences. If you are unable to get any thought, read about your topic. Search for it on Google, YouTube, books. While reading about it, jot down the important points. Now, read about those points only which you’ve wrote down. Once you are done with reading, you are all set to start writing your 1st

2.Use simple language: While writing anything, make sure that you pick easy words. Writing “Ardous” instead of “Difficult” won’t enhance the content. Write anything in a way that anybody who reads it enjoys reading it. Difficult words would only lead your reader to find dictionary. And, at some point, reader will get irritate & will stop reading it.

3.Write short paragraphs: Nobody reads an article which has only 1 long paragraph consisting of 20-30 sentences. But if you would break those sentences into 7-8 paragraphs then its readability will increase. Always remember, there should be only 4-5 sentences in a paragraph. Keeping one idea to one paragraph is the most basic rule of good paragraphing & academic writing.

4.Paragraph structure: Now that you know that there should not be more than 5 sentences in a paragraph. You must know the paragraph structure as well. It should be like: an introductory sentence or a topic sentence, followed by, three supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. At the end of the paragraph, there must be a conclusion. It reinforces the main theme of the topic sentence.

5.Punctuations: Use of punctuation while writing anything is incredibly important. It gives meaning to the content. Improper use or placement of colons, question marks apostrophes, commas can make the sentence gibberish. Of them all, comma plays an important role in the content. It works as the pause & change in the sentence. Missing a ‘comma’ in the sentence can change the entire meaning of it.

Well, these are the basic points which you can follow to write something incredible. Although, it’s kind of difficult for the beginners to follow all the rules. Professionals knows it all & much more. Writing Tree has team of such amazing professional writers. They can prepare your content error free & that too within the deadline.



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